segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

“Here Before” (Vashti Bunyan)

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  1. Great post! Like a wrote on your other blog; i love the voice of Karin a lot.
    I didn't know Vashti Bunyan so i will search on you tube a bit further. :-)

    I love the painting from your header!

    Sweet greetz....

  2. Good night, Monica, thank you.
    Vashti and Karin are *****stars***** of the first magnitude.
    ©on(s)trição ©ordial’s header image is a painting by Lucian Freud.
    Sweet dreams, Momo Luna.

  3. LOOKAFTERING is a lovely Cd! The sweet-dreamy melodies & especially the picture on the cover always makes me think of the film "The Wicker Man". I think you know what I mean. ;) Excellent blog, my friend!

  4. «Where is Rowan Morrison?» vociferated the Sergeant.
    «In Summerisle or in... Winterisle?» I faltered.
    «I give it up,» the Librarian* replied: «what’s the answer?»
    «I haven’t the slightest idea,» said the Hatter.
    «Nor I,» sighed the February Hare.


    (Thank you, dear Ken.)